Babies of Peace Project

This project is designed to honor families in the Ottawa region who are finding themselves in special circumstances, by providing them with a carrier for their new baby. It is our hope that through wearing their baby with the carrier we provide the family may begin to find some peace. These families may fit in any of the following categories;

*low budget
*premature baby
*baby after previous loss (rainbow baby)
*single mother
*teen mother/parent
*widowed mother
*sick baby
*sick parent
*military family with soldier returning from active duty
*mother suffering from PPD

*baby after difficulty to conceive

OBG members are asked to nominate a recipient, whose circumstances fit in any of the above, or similar, categories. A potential recipient cannot nominate themselves or someone from their immediate family. The recipient should have ideally shown an interest in baby wearing or are known by the nominator to be sure to respond positively to their nomination.

Members should submit their nominations to the project committee by completing this form. Once the nomination request has been received the request will be considered by the committee.

The project strives to offer a carrier to everyone who is nominated. The carrier will be gifted to the family. When the family are no longer reaching for it we ask that they consider returning it to us so it can either be gifted on to the next family or sold, the proceeds of which used to buy a new carrier for the project.

Recipients are welcome to share any pictures they take of themselves with the carrier for us to use on the blog and on the OBG Facebook page, although this is not obligatory.

Should you wish to donate or sell at a reduced price, a carrier to the OBG we would love to hear from you. We can always use carriers for the library or the Babies of Peace Project. Please complete this form if you'd like to contribute in this way.

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  1. Would someone from the Babies of Peace Project be able to contact me re: a potential referral for a low income client who is new to Canada?